Fastest Service New DRMS website


If you have internet access, you can access your reports within seconds of processing being completed.  This will be a nice feature (and its free right now) for weekends and holidays.  This access will save you time and if you choose to access data here instead of by mail, it will save costs to MN DHIA. 

1.       Logon to

2.       Click on LOGIN

3.       Enter Herd code and RAC (4 digit Release Code).   Please call 800.827.3442 if you need your RAC.

4.       Select Maintain your Account

5.       First time only: Sign up for Web Reports

6. Click here to display WebReport (Green bar)

7.       View this months reports as well as past months (only for months you have processed here)


If your Field Rep has entered your email address into their computer, you will receive an email telling you when your herd has processed, and providing a link to the logon page on the DRMS website.  Our goal is to attach reports to an email again after some other projects are completed.