Minnesota Dairy Herd Improvement Association

Minnesota DHIA is a non-profit organization offering a variety of testing and services to the dairy industry. These services include milk testing, detailed reports, sales and support of Dairy Comp 305 and Scout, Dairy Cattle Marketing through Cows For Sale, and Fearing Brand identification tags.

Through milk testing and reports, Minnesota DHIA offers a cost effective method of monitoring SCC, calving intervals, age of first-calving, and the dairy producers return on investment. These elements are crucial to insure the success of dairy producers. A wide variety of reports can be selected by the dairy producer to help in dairy management.

Minnesota DHIA offers two herd management software programs, Scout and Dairy Comp 305. We offer on-farm installation and training for these software products along with a technical support line. Workshops and seminars are also offered to dairy producers to ensure these herd management programs are utilized to their fullest.

Dairy Marketing is offered through a unique program called Cows For Sale. This service provides dairy producers the potential to market their animals both nationally and internationally at a low cost. It also offers producers the opportunity to acquire a list of animals available for purchase.

The Minnesota DHIA offers quality service to dairy producers to help assist them in their farming needs at a cost-effective level. All of us here at the Minnesota DHIA would like to welcome you to our site!