Service Options


We are a data collection organization. In saying that, we collect management information about your cows and provide data to enhance management. Typically, DHIA testing involves taking a milk weight and sample from each cow once a month. Each testday we to collect production information and track status events (calvings, breedings, dry offs) on your herd.

DHIA provides options for different management needs. We can provide a daily milk weight, and milk analysis for Butterfat, Protein, Milk Urea Nitrogen, Other Solids, and Somatic Cell Count.  For the typical sample day, one of our Field Representatives will contact you to set up a date and see what time you milk. It is up to you to provide breedings, calvings, or health events available for the Field Representative to input into Dairy Comp 305. In return, the field representative can leave you the production information and any management lists you desire.



Milk Testing Service Packages:




n       Secure Data



n      Milk weight per cow per day

n       Somatic Cell Count on each cow

n       2 reports left on sample day such as action lists and milk weights

n       2 reports in the mail with Somatic Cell Count results

n       Data available electronically




Essential Package, plus any of the following options:

n       Butter Fat

n       Protein

n       Solids

n       Choice of any customizable Dairy Comp report



Basic package, plus any of the following options:

n       Data processed to provide additional management statistics and benchmarking

n       Choice of 30 DRPC reports            View sample DRMS reports

For more detailed report explanations please visit the DRMS website at www.

n       Genetic evaluations


Options available with all Testing Packages:

n       Easy to use dairy management software: Dairy Comp 305, PCDART, or Scout

n       Select cow Johne’s, Leukosis, or BVD testing

n       Select cow DNA Mastitis Testing

n       Milk Urea Nitrogen Testing


A Few Options to consider about being on DHIA:

How often do you want to sample your cows? Every 2 weeks, monthly or less often


How many milkings do you want weighed and/or sampled?

Do you want Full Service or Self Service?

Full Service A DHIA Field Representative takes milk weights and samples for the dairy producer

Self Service The dairy producer takes their own milk samples and weights and the Field Representative is responsible for supplying milk meters, transporting milk samples, key entry and transmission of milk weight data.